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Candice and Chris – we missed you ladies tonight. Are you intending to continue with the group?

We decided that the group will continue, but at a smaller size, of 4-5 members. This will be easier for prepping the meals, save money, and avoid overstocking freezers. Kelly and Kristen will share the blog administrator duties. No recipes were presented today, so you’ll bring a meal of your choosing for the June swap. Please post your selection here so that the group doesn’t end up with all chicken dishes. ­čÖé

It was great to share meals with you ladies over the past 1.5 years. I wish you the best!



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my meals won’t be frozen because i haven’t made them yet – i have ZERO room in either freezer! haha.

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Hi Ladies!

A little over one week ago, Becky emailed me to let me know that she’ll be leaving the group – her kids won’t eat the meals, and they’re trying to do more low-carb and non-processed food. They’re wasting a lot of food each month. May will be Becky’s last swap.

A few days later, Mandy emailed me to let me know that she, too, will be leaving the group – her kids won’t eat the meals, so they’re wasting a lot of food each month. May will be Mandy’s last swap.

Just this week, another member has let me know she’s on the fence about continuing with the group.

I, too, will be leaving the group. My kids do not like the meals, nor does my husband. Additionally, I repeatedly feel like I’m giving $10 meals and receiving $2 meals. So we’re wasting food and money. May will be my last swap.

So, what next? With roughly half of the group leaving, do you want to continue with a smaller group, or should we (the people leaving) find replacements? Is someone willing to take over my roll as coordinator?

Or are there others who have been considering leaving, and it’s time for the group to naturally dissolve? Thoughts?

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Hi Ladies!

We’re cooking for 8 this month. And remember that from now on, we’re bringing our “tried and true” recipes – no experiments. ­čÖé

April 2012 Menu

March 2012 Menu

February 2012 Menu

December 2011 Menu

November 2011 Menu

October 2011 Menu

September 2011 Menu

August 2011 Menu

July 2011 Menu

June 2011 Menu

May 2011 Menu

April 2011 Menu

March 2011 Menu

February 2011 Menu





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Kelly – how do I cook the meatballs?

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Hi ladies!

This is your one week reminder that we’re swapping next week. ­čÖé

Also, Candice made a private post that will show up only when you’re logged-in. Be sure to check it out.



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!!! tomorrow’s swap


my household is on lockdown through at least wednesday. ­čśŽ we all have a very contagious virus, according to both our pediatrician and general practitioner. i’ll bring my meal to next month’s swap. you can keep the meal you made for me. sorry. ­čśŽ

also, wanted to remind everyone that a meal should be valued at AT LEAST $7 for 6- 8 servings. seems like we’ve been getting a lot of $2-3 meals, which isn’t fair to the people spending $7-10 every month. also, if your meal is just meat with seasoning, it should be two pounds of meat (which is appropriate for 6-8 servings). if it’s just 1 lb of meat, it should be expensive meat (shrimp? steak?) and/or include something else like pasta. we want everyone to feel like what we’re receiving is of the same quality as what we’re giving, so that we will all happily continue swapping. ­čÖé

thanks ladies! have fun tomorrow without me. someone be sure to write down the winning recipes.

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